Steve Coogan, the comic genius behind Hamlet 2, Tristram Shandy and 24 Hour Party People, is producing a British version of the 1990s time traveling series Quantum Leap. But who will replace Scott Bakula?

The Coogan series is titled Brave Young Men, and is a "light hearted" version of Quantum Leap, which means probably no more moral lessons or getting a brand new perspective through someone else's eyes.


Tom Basden, British comedy writer and member of the two-man show Cowards, will play the main character, school teacher Owen Malloy. Basden will attempt to end disasters and suffering across the world by becoming a Caretaker of the World. The first episode is all about a new beer that could wipe out humanity, and it's up to Owen to stop the consumption.

A source told the Sun that, "The show owes a big debt to Doctor Who, though it's drastically different - and Torchwood," which makes me hope this is the beginning of a new wave of Russell T. Davies-inspired comic science fiction from Britain.

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