Bristol's Dalek Parrot On The Loose!

Illustration for article titled Bristols Dalek Parrot On The Loose!

If you hear a familiar metallic shriek of "Exterminate! Exterminate!" echoing around Bristol, it may not mean that the cruel Daleks have invaded England. Leonard, an African Grey parrot, had just perfected his spot-on Dalek impression, when he mysteriously went missing. (Coincidence? Or Davros experimenting on a new source of Dalek mutants?) Leonard, who lives in an antique shop, also does the theme from Mission Impossible, "YMCA," and a couple of Village People songs. Here's hoping he turns up safely. [Telegraph and Press Association]

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It probably just got outside and flew away. Londoners should listen carefully for something overhead yelling "Exterminate!" and singing the "Mission Impossible" theme.