Prepare to welcome your new robot overlords (and ladies) by displaying their shiny metal frames on your computer desktop. To help you declare your allegiance, here's our collection of brilliant robot wallpapers!

Cherno Alpha, the Russian robot, by D-Dragons

(via D-Dragons/DeviantArt)

UEF ACU MK5, by Avitus12

(via Avitus12/DeviantArt)

Survivor, by switchblade0739

(via switchblade0739/DeviantArt)

Robot from a steampunk world

(via Gods of Art)

Bumblebee from Transformers by A13XANDER

(via A13XANDER/DeviantArt)

Pacific Rim

(via Desktop Nexus)

Armored Core

(via GetterDragon/DeviantArt)

Robot by Daniel Armstrong


The Iron Giant by jOuey

(via jOuey)

Poet by drDiman

(via drDiman/DeviantArt)

Alex DeLarge as a robot by kastleone

(via kastleone/DeviantArt)

Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet (1956), by sidothello

(via sidothello)

Metropolis (1927)

(via John Coulthart)

I, Robot (2004)

(via Alphacoders)

Optical Illusion

(via Wallippo)

Human vs. Artificial Intelligence

(via Zastavki)

Robot Dance Contest, by MayteKr

(via MayteKr/DeviantArt)

Robot Evolution by averywebdesign

(via averywebdesign/DeviantArt)

Bonus: Not Really Robots, But... Daleks and Cybermen from Doctor Who

(via OnlyHDWallpapers and ScarecrowStudios/DeviantArt)


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