Some of the things Batman will have in this summer's animated DVD anthology Gotham Knight: 1) Glowy red eyes that give him some kind of infrared vision. 2) Little finger-sized Batarangs that he can throw a bunch of at once. 3) A flying Bat-glider that lets him glide through the ominous skyline of Gotham. 4) A torn uniform that exposes his Bat-abs. 5) A maniac swinging a scythe at his head. 6) Fists of fury. 7) Our money.

We already featured a promo reel for this Animatrix-style tie-in with The Dark Knight, but this trailer gives more of a feel for the range of styles in the finished product. We'll be seeing six different visions of the Bat here, but it looks like they mesh pretty well, partly thanks to consistent voice talent across all the films. [HD trailer at Yahoo Movies]