Iron Man started this Marvel movie craze, and he's still one of the top reasons to be excited about The Avengers. And now you can celebrate the most metal of the Avengers, with this Mondo art print going on sale Friday.

We're stoked to bring you an exclusive first look at Mondo's tribute to Tony Stark — check out the whole thing below.


The Avengers is already hitting theaters in Europe, but for Americans who have to wait until next week, there's a consolation prize. Mondo's creating art posters for all seven of the movie's heroes, and they're being revealed on various sites across the web right now.

The poster below features Iron Man, and it's the work of artist Kevin Tong. It's a 24" by 36 " screen print, and the limited edition of 345 copies goes for $45 each. There's also a variant edition available, with a run of 120 copies, going for $75. To find out when the poster goes on sale Friday 4/27, you have to follow @MondoNews on Twitter. (These things tend to sell out within minutes.)

Check out both versions here: