Bring Home The Head Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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A genuine casting of Arnie's head from Batman & Robin is just one of the bizarre movie props available on eBay right now. You can also own the robot head of Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man, and the original helmet from the Rocketeer movie. Or if your loved ones are really obsessive, you can get them some even weirder crap.


If you're not satisfied with Robin Williams' head, you can also get his eyes and arm (also from Bicentennial Man) as well as some sort of weird animatronic prop. Also on eBay:

  • A ton of props from Southland Tales, including a belt worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gellar's character's business card, an American flag, dog tags worn by Janeane Garofalo's soldier character and a wedding cake topper.
  • A weird-ass tumbler that John Travolta drank out of in Battlefield Earth. Probably still coated in his saliva.
  • A sign from the precog police station in Minority Report.
  • A crew-member uniform from Star Trek: Generations You could wear it to a Halloween party. But instead you'll probably just keep it in an acid-free box and fondle it occasionally.
  • The "tachyon admitter" the Fantastic Four used to separate the Silver Surfer from his surfboard in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
  • Conference-room furniture from the Transformers movie. Just think, you could, ummm... use it in your conference room.
  • A rubber pick-axe and crampons from Alien vs. Predator.
  • A sign, in some alien script, from Ultraviolet.
  • A zombie plague victim mask from Resident Evil: Extinction.

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