Brilliant Jodorowsky's Dune Makes the Oscar Documentary Shortlist

Illustration for article titled Brilliant emJodorowskys Dune/em Makes the Oscar Documentary Shortlist

It's a great time to be an Alejandro Jodorowsky fan. (Isn't it always, though?)

Today, it was announced that Jodorowsky's Dune — Frank Pavich's doc about the director's failed (yet still highly influential, gloriously envisioned, and endlessly fascinating) efforts to bring Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel to the big screen — made the Oscar shortlist for Best Documentary.


This announcement comes on the heels of Waltz With Bashir director Ari Foldman tossing out the idea that he'd like to make Jodorowsky's vision come to life as an animated film, which would probably be the best/only/most cost-efficient way to do it at this point.

The documentary has some stiff competition (other shortlist-makers include Laura Poitras' Edward Snowden portrait CitizenFour, Roger Ebert tribute Life Itself, and Nick Broomfield's eerie serial-killer expose Tales of the Grim Sleeper), and it remains to be seen if it'll make the final round of five. But here's hoping that the Oscars, long-established as the most boring show on earth, will have a little added spice this year. (Sorry … couldn't resist.)

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