Brilliant Doctor Who Wallpaper Spotlights A Different Doctor Each Hour

Now there have been twelve incarnations of the time-traveling Doctor (discounting the War Doctor), one for every hour on the clock. You can use this desktop wallpaper series to keep track of time with the Doctor.

Gif by quinn_drummer.

After reddit user CritterNYC updated a Doctor Who desktop background that was originally made by artist Matt Ferguson to include each of the Doctors, fellow redditor stevensydan put his own spin on the image, creating 12 different images, each spotlighting a different Doctor:


Head over to the Doctor Who subreddit for variant versions of this wallpaper and advice on how to get it to sync up with the clock on your computer. (And, if you're a registered reddit user, give stevensydan a little karma while you're at it.)

This is actually the second clever Doctor Who rotating wallpaper series we've seen this week, the first being a series of wonderfully creepy Weeping Angel wallpapers.

Edited this Doctor Who wallpaper to spotlight each doctor by the hour. [r/DoctorWho]

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That slideshow seems to be out of order, but I guess that's to be expected…

Edit: Or, I guess it's in order but apparently the immutable laws of time and space and embedded slideshows have made it physically impossible to click on them in order. Oh well, any excuse to post the WWTW…S vide—Oh. My. God!

"WWTW…S", "WWJD", has anyone thought of this before? It's clearly a tricky geeky joke to try to Google. If not, there might be some bracelets that need to be made and sold to Whovians…