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Brigitte Bardot Croons Alien Love Song

Here's another scifi song to take to that barren asteroid with you: Brigitte Bardot singing Serge Gainsbourg's "Contact." "A meteorite has pierced my heart," chants Brigitte in this tale of wounded interplanetary love, "I need a transfusion of mercury. ... Remove my spacesuit ..."


Actually, given the reference to mercury, maybe the song is about an outer-space STD. (If you want to give your fractured high school French a workout, the lyrics are here.) Whatever it means, this scopitone from 1968 is a little bit Dada, a little bit rock 'n' roll, and a whole lot of spacey weirdness.

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She can be my Alien love queen any day [wheezing snort-laugh whilst pushing up glasses].

I'd love to put Devo in the background as two foot tall drones attending their alien queen, just like in my Hey, this was BEFORE collagen injections were invented. Amazing.

Sadly, a lot of the modern French music looks and sounds the same. TV5 looks like some mutation dragged out of the early 70's. Tacky, bordering on creepy.