Brighten Your Day By Watching John Rhys-Davies Invent A Time Camera

Any day where you get to see John Rhys-Davies (Sliders, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones) do his thing is already a good day. So here’s a deleted scene from the new movie Time Lapse, which is coming out on VOD, iTunes and select theaters on Friday, in which the man himself creates a camera that sees the future.

Time Lapse stars Danielle Panabaker ( CW’s “The Flash,” Friday The 13th), Matt O’Leary ( Live Free or Die Hard, The Lone Ranger), and George Finn (LOL, CW’s “90210”). Here’s the synopsis: “Three friends discover a photo machine that shows pictures a day into the future. After they use it for personal gain, disturbing and dangerous photos begin to develop.”


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