Giant cuttlefish have some unusual mating rituals. But once they find a suitable partner, the act of knocking boots (er, tentacles?) is kind of incredible to watch.


New Scientist reports:

During mating, which takes place head-to-head, a male embraces a female then squirts sperm in her mouth with a specialized arm.

To initiate sex, a male spreads his arms around his partner's head, also shown in the photo below. Once the deed is done, the female stores the deposited sperm in one of two places, either around the lining of her mouth or in a receptacle below her beak. Her eggs are fertilized internally before she lays them in crevices: they need to be protected since she will die at the end of the breeding season.

The video, NSFW in title only (play your own Barry White soundtrack), was shot by the Marine Biological Laboratory's Roger Hanlon.

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