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Bridesmaids' Paul Feig In Talks To Helm All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot

Ghostbusters 3 may never happen. A Ghostbusters reboot, on the other hand, is reportedly in the works – a female-led Ghostbusters, no less.


According to Variety, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is currently in talks with Sony Pictures to direct and produce a total reboot of the iconic 1980s franchise that would feature an all-female cast of comedic actresses as the film's titular ghostbusters:

The script will be written from scratch.

Feig, who is best known for helming the comedy hits "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat," has been in conversation with Sony to direct the project. However, no formal negotiations have taken place yet. Sony declined to comment.

Feig is also re-teaming with Melissa McCarthy to direct her latest comedy "Spy," which is slated for a Memorial Day 2015 release. The director has several new scripts in development at Fox that will likely be ready to go while he's at work on "Spy" so this "Ghostbusters" fem reboot will not necessarily be his next film.

Naturally, this has led to a lot of speculation re: casting, release dates, and cameos. Nothing's official yet, but we'll obviously keep you posted.

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As long as they wear normal outfits, not the super skimpy sexy ghostbusting outfits.