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Brian and Stewie Hit "The Road To The Multiverse"

Illustration for article titled Brian and Stewie Hit The Road To The Multiverse

Tonight, in the season premiere of Family Guy, Brian and Stewie go on a Sliders-esque adventure, traversing time and space to encounter the Griffins (and themselves) in numerous alternate universes, including a Disneyverse, a Post-apocalypticverse, and a RobotChickenVerse.


Since the show's inception, Family Guy has always been at its best when Brian and Stewie take off on their epic adventures, be it "The Road To Rhode Island", which earned the show its first Emmy nomination, or the recent "Road To Germany", where Brain, Stewie and Mort travel back in time to WWII Germany. Obviously Stewie has still been tinkering with time-travel technology, because tonight the duo visit alternate histories and alternate realities including one in which the Japanese won WWII, and a HottieVerse, where even Meg is a knockout:


Riffing on Planet Of The Apes, the boy-and-his-dog dynamic is turned upside down in Dogverse, in which humans are subservient to dogs, which includes a human Brian.

Other multiverses visted include; Disneyverse (yes, it's musical) A Post Apocalyptic 'Verse,
Robot Chicken 'Verse (thank you, Seth Green) and a Real Life 'Verse, which features a real baby and a yellow lab bickering. Undoubtably, "Road To The Multiverse" will take its place with the other amazing "Road To" episode of Family Guy and may just be - dare I say it? - the best one ever.

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Do they go to a funny verse?