Is there any more beautiful than a ringed planet? It's like an instant signifier of an exotic, non-Earth world. And the sight of a ring floating around an entire world is one of the most poetic and astonishing vistas the universe has to offer. And luckily, some immensely talented artists have created illustrations showing the wonder of ringed worlds.


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Saturnian Dream: Moonlet Requiem

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Gallaen, a large terrestrial world that carries a ring of dust, with Galgotha, its terraformed moon

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Distant Outpost around a gas planet

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A ringed M-class planet

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The Ring

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Frozen Ice

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The Hieroglyphs

(by Alpha-Element)

The Cassini Ring

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A colony in a moon of a gas giant with rings

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Icy Rings

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A planet with two moons and rings

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Tirtha II

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Planet I'KALX

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Tranquility of the silent Titan

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Silent Depths

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The extrasolar planet 81 Ceti b (classified as a Super-Jupiter), 317 lightyears away in the constellation of Cetus. Discovered in July 2008.

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The Ring Watcher

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Bonus: A planet drawn on Microsoft Paint using nothing but a mouse

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