Breast Stereography — Now in 3D!

Let us now praise the latest boob-o-gram technology.

  • Scientists can now ogle my breasts from the inside-out and in 3D. A new technique called "stereoscopic digital mammography" lets researchers image breasts more accurately to check for cancer or gestating alien beings. Sounds almost as good as the 3D boobs in Beowulf. [RSNA]
  • Good news! Humans are going to Mars! NASA has a plan to do it . . . at least, you know, sometime in the next century [BBC News]. Populating the solar system may take just as long as it took our distant ancestors to cross the Bering Strait from Siberia . . . after the jump.
  • New genetic evidence suggests that people arrived in the Americas about 12,000 years ago from Siberia, in a single mass migration. One big clue: there is apparently a genetic mutation that is shared by most native Americans that shows up in only one other place, and that's Siberia. Pretty cool genetic anthropology sleuthing! [PLoS Genetics]
  • Weirdos at the Indiana School of Medicine have determined through careful study that we release a quart of gas a day via burping. WTF? Can you even have a quart of gas? I thought quarts were for liquid. OK that is just gross. [LiveScience]

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