No doubt paying homage to Bridges' recent Oscar nods, Disney has released a brand new Tron Legacy still, featuring the bearded and grizzled Flynn. What does it tell us about Bridges' character in the new film? Possible spoilers below.


Click on the image to see the image in high res. and check out the back disc data pad. If you remember the test footage released a while back, a bearded, bare-foot Bridges padded around his white Tron City manor. He leaned over the rail and observes his younger Clu self, as he mercilessly disc-murders another Light Cycler.

We eventually learned that there would be two Flynn's in the Tron world. Old Flynn, and young Clu. We assume this new picture is of the original Flynn, and that it's from the movie, not the test footage, due to the disc sticking out of his white tunic.

Here's a still from the test footage of older Clu meditating — see, no disc.


Whereas younger Clu has a disc, and is ready to use it.


Hopefully this means that the crazy Tron Manor, complete with blue drinks and chandeliers is still in the film, along with Bridges bad ass beard.

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