Breaking Bad Creator Turns To Fantasy For A Jack And The Beanstalk Flick

Illustration for article titled iBreaking Bad/i Creator Turns To Fantasy For A iJack And The Beanstalk /iFlick

Now this is an interesting meshing of creator and fable. Disney has purchased Vince Gilligan’s (showrunner for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul) new Jack and the Beanstalk story. *Insert Jack selling meth to the giant jokes here.*


According to Deadline, Gilligan’s “revisionist” take on the classic fairy tale has perked the interest of Disney and its rapidly growing list of live action adaptions. Breaking Bad executive producer Thomas Schnauz will write the script and Gilligan is allegedly eyeing the possibility of directing the feature. Look, anything Gilligan wants to do we’re normally fine with, so go and make big giant people! We look forward to it.

[Top image from Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer movie]

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COOL! We haven’t had a Jack and the Beanstalk movie in almost 2 years, It’s about time.