Head back to Albequerque and re-live one of the greatest TV series ever made with the complete Breaking Bad Blu-ray set for just $130. It's never been below $160 until today. That's a great deal, bitch. DVD also available for $100. [Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, $130]

We featured a great deal yesterday on old Star Trek movies, but now you can get all three seasons of the original TV series on Blu-ray for an all-time low price. [Star Trek: The Original Series, $60]

Catch up on Falling Skies with the complete Season 3 Blu-ray for just $22. The DVD version is also available for $5 less. [Falling Skies Season 3, $22]

If you've been meaning to pick up a Chromecast, Amazon has it for $5 off again right now. [Google Chromecast, $30]

Charge up all of your gadgets at once with this 5 port USB wall charger. With 40W of power, you can even add a few tablets to the mix without any slowdown. [Bolse 5-Port Wall Charger, $18 with promo code KEAB98RQ]

The Jawbone JAMBOX basically invented the market for portable Bluetooth speakers, and it still holds up well today. You can grab one right now from eBay for $75 new. It's not uncommon to see refurbs around this price, but new models are notable. [Jawbone JAMBOX, $75]

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