Breaking: 12 riders stuck at the top of Six Flags' Superman roller coster [Updated]

The Bay Area's ABC 7 just reported that several riders are stuck at the top of the new Superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. The riders are suspended 150-ft in the air, but thankfully, California Beat is tweeting that fire fighters are currently rescuing the riders one by one. We're hoping for a speedy and safe rescue, as well as a full report from Six Flags about what went awry.

For reference, there is a video of ride footage (obviously not from this run) embedded above.


Irma Widjojo tweeted this photo of three people being lifted up to the stalled cars via crane. [via California Beat]

Update: ABC News 7 just retweeted this photo from their reporter Sergio Quintana with the message that rescue crews have released the stuck cars. Everyone is safe and sound. Hooray!


Update: The San Jose Mercury news adds that the riders were stuck for nearly an hour before the Vallejo fire department was called, fortunately in the upright position.

KTVU also posted a video of the stalled cars.


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