We never stood a chance.

Born on July 6th to a giant panda by the name of Yuan Yuan, the Taipei Zoo's newest pandaddition (which currently is nameless, though zoo visitors will be voting on its name through early September) has grown a lot in the last month. In that time, the freakishly adorable creature has gone from bright-pink-flesh-ball-with-legs-and-a-wispy-white-coat...


...to a slightly less wispy (but still pretty wispy) bundle of high-fives and weird facial expressions...


...to the fluffy ball of high-octane squee-fuel you see here. I mean come on. It has a baby blanket with bears on it.

At this stage in its development, the nameless baby panda spends the majority of its time looking adorable by doing just about anything, whether it's sleeping, sticking its paws in the air, or sucking its thumb.

A productivity-crushing stockpile of baby giant panda videos is available on the Taipei Zoo YouTube channel.


ht Laughing Squid