Brazilian astronomers have discovered a "very bright" new comet

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Fresh off the heels of ISON's untimely demise, Brazilian astronomers have announced the discovery of a new and luminous comet. Called C/2014 E2 (Jacques), they found it using the SONEAR observatory near Oliveira, Brazil.


The discovery was made by Cristovao Jacques, E. Pimentel, and J. Barros. It's the second comet detected by this team. The confirmation image (above) was produced by astronomers working at the Remanzacco Observatory in Italy.


Here's the comet in action via a video uploaded by Steven Tilley:

We don't know very much about the comet at this point except that it features a very bright coma. No word yet if it'll be the so-called Comet of the Century — but we'll keep you posted.

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