Brave Hero Saves His Comics As SUV Plows Through Comic Book Shop

Just picture it: You’re chilling at the comic book shop, picking up some new releases, maybe getting ready to head to the counter to buy them. Then...GIANT SUV RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. Yet, despite the trauma, you don’t drop a single page. That’s the mark of a true hero.


DeeP Comics & Games in Huntsville, Alabama got a bit of a surprise visit on Friday as an SUV plowed through the front window and sailed right through the store. According to a local news station, the driver had a seizure, suffering some injuries. No one else was hurt. DeeP Comics & Games shared a video on YouTube of some of the security footage. And man, that SUV freaking sailed through that store.

So much destruction.
It. Just. Keeps. Falling.
Well, at least the mobile survived...

You can watch all of the destruction here.



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Typical comics BS. That store will be back in a month or two like nothing ever happened.