Brandon Routh Says Goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh and Tala Ashe.
Brandon Routh and Tala Ashe.
Image: CW

Brandon Routh, the superhero leading man who never quite got his due, has been a highlight of Legends of Tomorrow ever since his arrival on the scene. Which is why it’s particularly a shame to see him preparing to depart the show this season.

Now, Routh has officially finished filming his last stint on the show, and has posted a heartfelt goodbye to the series on his Instagram. In it, he celebrates the “5 seasons we’ve spent together,” recounting how happy he has been to be on the show for such a lengthy run—the longest of his career, Routh explains.


Legends of Tomorrow was not precisely lauded in its first season, and its virtues became apparent only with later seasons (so far as much of the audience is concerned, anyway), and Routh references that as well, referring to the show’s “growing pains of the first few seasons,” but he points to those as bonding experiences that have made the cast a group of intimate friends.

I don’t normally feature these sorts of farewells, but Routh clearly meant a lot to fans of the show, and the show clearly meant a lot to him. It’ll be a shame to see his Ray Palmer say goodbye.

Correction 10/26: The photo caption incorrectly identified actress Tala Ashe. It has been updated, and I apologize for the error.


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Evil Lincoln

His departure apparently coinciding with the end of filming of the crossover makes me worry that Ray is going to die heroically in the Crisis.

He will be missed on Legends. He was the heart of the team, his sincere best-friendship with Nate was like nothing else on TV, and he and Nora were extremely appealing together. Mick Rory is sure to be sad about Haircut’s departure and have a hard time expressing his sadness.