Add Midnight Meat Train to the list of movies that you think are just slasher movies, but actually turn out to be science-fictional. The other day, we shared a totally insane clip from Triangle — thanks to James for directing us to the Midnight Meat Train as our next stop.


Yes, it's a whole series of "slasher on a vehicle" movies that turn out to be much more.

Spoilers ahead...

The above clip might just be the best ever scene where someone rips out and eats Bradley Cooper's tongue, then explains how we're secretly a food source for the ancient reptile people under the train station. Hard to say — Cooper's had a long and insane career, and people probably rip out his tongue a fair bit.


In any case, yes, the final stop on the Midnight Meat Train does indeed appear to be a subterranean world of reptile people who live off human flesh and recruit a few lucky (and mostly tongueless) human servants to keep their secrets and find them fresh meat. And now that you've seen it, it can't be unseen.

Incidentally, the fact that there seem to be at least a few movies which appear to be just regular boring old serial-killer films but actually have a science fictional twist is a really good argument in favor of sharing spoilers. I would have been much more interested in both Triangle and Midnight Meat if I'd known more about their plots before now. [IMDB]