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Despite zombies' current popularity, the film adaptation of Max Brooks' bestseller World War Z can't seem to get off the ground. Paramount is desperately looking for a co-financier to help pay for Z's $125 million budget.

The end-of-the-world zombie movie has been shambling around Hollywood for years. After picking up Quantum of Solace's March Forster for director, stalling in development purgatory for over a year, and promising the studios that they'd deliver a PG-13 flick, Brad Pitt moved from producer to lead actor (no doubt hoping to funnel some much needed funds into the production). But even the Pitt-hype isn't enough to cover the big budget film. Now Vulture is reporting that if Paramount doesn't get an investor to help carry some of the budget, this may be the end of World War Z.


Sad news as the narrative structure of Brooks' novel sets this film up as a potential blockbuster. Shake that money tree Paramount, we desperately want to see this film move forward (even with Forster's infernal shaky cam hands). Even Battle LA made money! Trust us, the demand to see Brad Pitt slaughter a bunch of zombies on in the Battle of Yonkers is there.

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