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Brad Pitt As Lion-O, Hugh Jackman As Tygra? This Is A Live Action ThunderCats I Support

It's only a matter of time before there's a ThunderCats movie. So do it right, Hollywood - as imagined in this trailer with Pitt, Jackman... and Vin Diesel as Panthro.

This fake trailer from Wormy T is raising the bar pretty high on a ThunderCats movie, but dream a little dream with me. Wouldn't Pitt Be wonderful as Lion-O? Excellent job on the fake trailer, let's hope it convinces someone other than Tyrese Gibson into campaigning harder for this movie.


But remember, there have been rumors, and cat model heads leaked into the press, that seem to tell us it's not time to give up hope yet.


There have been other fake live-action ThunderCats trailers, but none so great as to actually Cat-ize Vin Diesel.

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Pitt? Seriously? Pitt is a horrible actor - name a movie that he carried by himself. The public isn't a fan of Pitt.