Last year, Disney struck a massive seven-figure deal with Lost scribe Damon Lindelof to produce and write the next big science fiction franchise. After the disaster that was John Carter, it's no wonder Disney is looking to wipe the slate clean for their next big genre endeavor. So they're bringing in the big guns. Brad Bird, of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Incredibles fame, will direct the mysterious Lindelof movie, known only as 1952.

Deadline is reporting that Bird has signed on to the "multi-platform" franchise that Damon has been building, but doesn't reveal what it's about. Meanwhile, over at Slashfilm, folks are speculating that the date title might refers to the Washington flap, a string of nights where mysterious floating objects were spotted all over our nation's capital. Which has a very Close Encounters vibe to it, and Deadline did state that Disney was looking for a tent-pole production that would appeal to everyone. If they do go that route let's hope they reveal a little bit more in the marketing than Super 8 did — we know Lindelof is from the house of Abrams, but sometimes obscure titles and burying the alien lead can work against a project.


Or maybe it's not about aliens at all. But knowing Lindelof's writing style, we're betting on aliens. Pregnant aliens with father issues. Yay! What do you all think?

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