Brace yourself for a Twilight Zone marathon. Plus Primeval begins and Tower Prep ends!

This week, we have the season finale of Tower Prep and the season premiere of Primeval, and marathons of Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, and assorted other classics. Plus Rufus Sewell meets a mermaid, and Alec "Obi-Wan" Guinness pioneers science-fiction comedy.


Right now, as you read this, Syfy is having a marathon of Friday the 13th.: The Series, the precursor to Syfy's own Warehouse 13.


There's really nothing on this evening, except for a handful of movies, like Independence Day (TVLand, 9 PM), Elf (Syfy, 8 PM) and possibly the most disturbing movie about high-tech prosthetics ever made, White Chicks (FX, 8 PM and 10 PM).

Late night movie: at 3:30 AM, HBO is showing She Creature, starring Rufus Sewell as a guy who goes in search of a real-life mermaid. You're welcome.


Syfy has a marathon of British monster show Primeval during the day.

Tonight at 8 PM is the two-hour season finale of the Cartoon Network's live-action show Tower Prep. Here's what happens:

"Snitch": Ian and Gabe's roommate Connor returns saying he knows a way out of Tower Prep.
"Fathers": Ian must reunite the gang in order to bust Gabe out of West Tower and finally make their escape from Tower Prep.

And here are three clips from "Snitch," followed by three clips from "Fathers":

And at 9 PM, there's allegedly a new episode of Nova on PBS, at least according to my local paper's listings. I can't find any details about it from other sources, so this could be a false report.


You probably already own Joss Whedon's Serenity on DVD, but if not, it's on Syfy at 9 PM. Also, Beyond Re-Animator, starring the inimitable Jeffrey Combs, is on IFC at 9:30 PM.

Late night movie: Reevaluate the 1995 Judge Dredd movie (or not) as it airs on Syfy at 2 AM.



Syfy's daytime marathon for today: Special Unit 2.

One of science fiction's funniest movies, The Man In The White Suit – starring Obi-Wan himself, Alec Guinness – is on TCM at 7:30 PM. If you've never seen it before, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

There's another new Undercovers on NBC at 8 PM, involving a hostage situation in Tel Aviv. Enjoy J.J. Abrams' spy show while it lasts! Actually, I think this might be the finale.



Syfy is showing Star Trek: Enterprise episodes from 9 AM to 3 PM.

There's a new Ancient Aliens on the History Channel at 9 PM, followed by a new Brad Meltzer's Decoded, focusing on Confederate Gold.



The annual New Year's Eve Twilight Zone marathon is running on Syfy all day and all night, starting at 5 AM Friday morning and running all day Friday and Saturday, or roughly 48 hours in the Twilight Zone. Prepare to stage your own personal reenactment of the Eltingville Club's fateful meeting.


Speaking of marathons, BBC America is having a Doctor Who marathon that starts first thing Friday morning (around 1 AM, I believe) and runs all the way to Saturday evening, or almost 48 hours — except that it's interrupted for a couple of hours Friday afternoon.

Also, in case you missed it, Encore is showing the documentary about the history of Industrial Light and Magic, at 1:30 PM Friday afternoon.


It's evidence of how desperate we've gotten, but TLC is having a marathon of Strange Sex all evening, starting at about 7 PM and running until three in the morning. Learn about balloon fetishes, unusual orgasms, uncontrollable urges, and much, much more.


BBC America's Doctor Who marathon continues all day.

Meanwhile, Syfy's Twilight Zone marathon continues all day and all evening, into the night.


Also, Discovery has a MythBusters marathon as well, from 9 AM until 3 AM. That's a lot of myths!

And ABC is showing three V episodes back to back, to help you get caught up for the show's return next week. It starts with the show's pilot, and it runs from 8 PM to 11 PM.


Primeval is back! BBC America is showing the first episode of the fourth season at 9 PM. Here's the description:

Abby and Connor finally escape from the Cretaceous, only to be followed through by a giant Spinosaurus. A new ARC team springs into action, leaving Abby and Connor's place within the team in jeopardy.


Thanks for the heads up, G99 and Corvus-Corax!

Late night movie: Cinemax has another instant classic in the Alien Sex Files series, Alien Sex Files 3: Alien Sex Invaders, at 12:20 AM.



AMC is showing the extended version of James Cameron's seldom-aired The Abyss at 8:30 AM, so get up bright and early for the King of the World.


BBC America is showing James Bond movies all day long.

Logo is having another Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.

Late night movie: TMC is showing Lord of the Rings: the Femaleship of the String, an erotic parody of... well, you know what. That's on at 1:05 AM.


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