In Utah, a 10-year-old boy found a nekkid lady in The Spectre 9, which came in a comic-book grab bag his mother bought him for Easter. Rather than ask for a $1 refund from Dollar Tree, mom called local news.

When Sheldyn Conley spied a disrobed dame in a 1987 issue of The Spectre, his 10-year-old sensibilities were shocked to the core. The comic came in "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" grab bag of comics his mother purchased at the local Dollar Tree. According to the label, comics in "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" are "family friendly and will bring hours of enjoyable reading."


He informed his mother, Linda Hurst, who in turn contacted ABC 4 news. Reporter Annie Cutler launched into action, pressing Dollar Tree manager Tiffany Miller for juicy details. According to Cutler:

When we showed the comic book to manager Tiffany Miller, her reaction was, "Uhhh, oh my gosh."

You can watch Cutler's full exposé here:

Miller removed the rest of the "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" grab bags from the shelves, but some questions remain, namely "Does this mean vintage issues of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run are hidden in America's dollar stores as well?"


[via ABC 4 and Newsarama]