Bow Down Before Your Killer Robot Overlords

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It's spring and the robots are rampaging. That's why we've declared this killer robot week, and teamed up with our sister site Gizmodo to bring you a crossover extravaganza devoted to deadly machines.


In the future, humans will be surpassed and crushed by machines. Movies and TV warn us about this all the time, but do we listen? No. We are doomed to be meatsack slaves and batteries in the Matrix.

To celebrate our new robot overlords, this week io9 will have historical and trivia-tastic posts focusing on the many stories that warn us of the machine-controlled future. We'll have galleries of images showing the deadly robots that will destroy us all, and how our world will look when the machines rule.


This week also brings the new Terminator movie, so we'll have reviews and backgrounders on that, as well as interviews with the movies' creators and actors. We'll also look at state-of-the-art science that's creating humanoid robots, and some weird social science about how humans relate to robots.

Also, of course, we'll have sexy robots - who can seriously kick your ass. Strap yourself in for killer robot week.

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Has io9 (or any of the Gawker-verse) ever thought about sponsoring a FIRST robotics team? It's a pretty good organization, I did it all of high school. And to all the scientists and engineers and crap, you could volunteer if you have time.