While most of us still mock those who would willingly inject deadly botulism toxin into their faces for cosmetic reasons, it turns out there really are some genuine therapeutic uses for the stuff, including curing migraines.

The latest reason why it might actually be a good idea to have this awful poison injected into you? Botox injections in the arm have been shown in a double-blind study to prevent the tremors associated with multiple sclerosis — which is pretty fantastic.


After a dozen weeks of Botox injections, people saw a lessening of tremors, and some improvement in writing and drawing. On the downside, it did lead to muscle weakness, but this generally cleared up after a week or two.

While this was a relatively small study — just 23 patients — it does bode well for future treatments. The nice thing about botox is that there's already a large and widespread network of physicians able to deliver it, so it might be as simple as popping in to your local doctor's office, and getting a nurse to give you a shot.

Top image: Eddie Codel/Flickr.