Both the US and UK versions of Torchwood will have different extra scenes

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When Torchwood returns to television next month, there'll be two different versions of every episode. Some scenes will only be in the US version, while other scenes will only be in the UK version. What's that about?


Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spillsbury tweeted yesterday:

Interesting that US Torchwood will have bits UK won't & UK Torchwood will have bits that US won't. So which is the 'proper' version? PANIC!!

And a while later, he added some clarification:

It's to do with the episode timings in the US and what's suitable/unsuitable to be shown on the BBC in the UK. It explains in DWM436 anyway.

Off the top of my head, there's one somewhat racy sex scene in the third episode that I could easily see being trimmed for UK broadcast television. And presumably some of the British in-jokes that no American will get (like the one about lemonade being "fizzy") might find themselves on the cutting-room floor in the US. In any case, when the episodes actually air, we'll do our best to keep track of which scenes are in one version but not the other. It sounds like, overall, the British versions will be the longer cuts because of the refrence to "episode timings."

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James Whitbrook

Breaking News:

The BBC have confirmed that all scenes of violence in the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day, a joint BBC/Starz co-production, will be replaced by a clip of an austere victorian gentleman removing his monocle in surprise and exclaiming 'My god, old chap!', in order to safeguard the tasteful sensibilities of the british public.


All joking aside, this is kind of dumb with the regards to cutting content - I would hope that it's as you say, Charlie Jane, that the UK cut is simply because there's no need for ad breaks, rather than 'unsuitable' content for the UK. After all it's a post-watershed show, I'm not sure what they'd have to do to make it even unsuitable for post 9pm viewing.