Booze, Sex and Violence in the James Bond Franchise: A Handy Chart

How does Daniel Craig's James Bond stack up against Pierce Brosnan's? Or Roger Moore's? Or Mr. Connery's? Who is the best Bond?

Everyone has an opinion, what nobody has is an objective way of measuring such a thing. That is unless you choose to do so in units of martinis consumed (you alcoholic!), women seduced (you misogynist!), or people killed (you bloodthirsty monster!). In which case, The Economist has a chart they'd like you to see.


From the print edition:

Data compiled by The Economist show that of the six Bonds, Pierce Brosnan was the most bloodthirsty, bumping off an average of 19 baddies per film. The short-lived George Lazenby, it turns out, was the Bond for the babes, whereas Daniel Craig, the latest, is notably less successful. Maybe that's because he drinks the most martinis. Still, all that risks being shortlived. In the new Bond film, "Skyfall"... Heineken has paid to ensure the hero only drinks beer.

Oof. Really, Craig? A beer that's a joke, even in its native Holland? You just came down a few pegs on my totally subjective leader board.

[The Economist]


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