Boom's New Comic Book Power Rangers Look Unsurprisingly Like Power Rangers

Next month the teenagers with attitude that we all know and love, the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, will begin a new series of comic book adventures. We’ve already seen how absurdly stylish they are underneath their Ranger suits, but what about with them on? Well... they look like Power Rangers!

Advertisement revealed the suits yesterday ahead of the series kicking off in January with a special, Green-Ranger-focused prequel issue ahead of the series’ full debut in March. And yes, unsurprisingly, they look pretty much exactly like the Ranger’s original suits did all those years ago.

The Power Rangers’ series artist, Hendry Prasyeta, has essentially just kept what is now a classic design and modernized it—there’s no real difference in terms of the actual suits designs, right down to the morphers on each Ranger’s belt and that Trini’s yellow costume doesn’t have a “female identifying” skirt like Kimberly’s does (because in Zyuranger, the Japanese Sentai show Power Rangers was adapted from, the yellow ranger was male). They look more like the traditional superhero costumes do in comic books, rather than shiny spandex as they did in the show, but that’s pretty much the only difference.

And that’s a good thing! The first Power Ranger suits are burned into the minds of kids who grew up watching the show, so you don’t really need to mess with a classic—and this comic looks like it’s really going to be a nostalgia trip and a half because of it.


I can’t wait for the first panel of these guys ridiculously flipping away from a randomly large explosion in a quarry somewhere. It’ll be great!

[, via CBR]

Header Image Credit: Power Rangers #0 Variant cover by Jamal Campbell

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