Bookies pick Chiwetel Ejiofor as the next possible Doctor Who

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Even though the Doctor Who movie is a long way off, one thing is still for certain — the movie will need to cast a brand new Time Lord. But who shall it be? Gamblers have already started staking the odds in Chiwetel Ejiofor's favor, but what about Helen Mirren?


The Guardian rounded up the Bookies odds to find out who had the best chance at playing the doctor:

Boring! William Hill has installed David Morrissey as 6/1 favourite, the actor having once played a Doctor-of-sorts in a 2008 Christmas special. Second favourite Chiwetel Ejiofor (7/1) would make an intriguing choice as the character has for 40-odd years been white; Rhys Ifans would be the first Welsh Doctor (20/1) and Chris Martin (33/1) the first incumbent rock star.

Thank heavens Martin is lower on the list, but we love the idea of a Ejiofor Time Lord! But that's not all. The Guardian has also thrown the most inspired name in the mix thus far, Helen Mirren. A female Doctor played by possibly one of the most powerhouse lady performers in Britain, it gives us chills!

Granted, this is all wild speculation. There isn't even a script for the film yet, and nothing has been confirmed at all. But in all seriousness, let's just cast Mirren as the next Doctor and be done with it.


No, please - look, I know that the sex/race swap thing has creeped into the Doctor Who Hive Mind over the last decade or so - and when you're talking about a show with a thousand year old man flying around the universe in his magic phone booth, there's no logical reason why you should be able to do something as simple as flip a chromosome or tweak the skin color - but I don't like the the idea.

You wouldn't make James Bond a chick, would you? Or a black dude? How about Sherlock Holmes? They should just leave the Doctor as an English (or occasionally Scottish) white dude.