Illustration for article titled Book Of Eli Shows Off Denzels End-Of-The-World Beard

Finally, a decent look at the rough-and-tumble post-apocalyptic action movie The Book Of Eli, starring a very dissheveled-looking Denzel Washington and his magical book.


The Book of Eli follows Denzel Washington, as he journeys across a sunburned America after armageddon, protecting a sacred book with the secrets to humanity in its pages from the likes of Gary Oldman.

Filming is currently underway, and we're incredibly excited that Entertainment Weekly has released the first shots. It all looks terribly dusty (as burned Earths so often are). Heck we're excited to see Oldman in anything villainous, because I think secretly were still hoping he'll bring back his Fifth Element character, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.


The Book Of Eli will be in theaters 15 January 2010.

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