Book club reminder: Read "How To Live Safely In A Science Fiction Universe" for 12/7

Illustration for article titled Book club reminder: Read How To Live Safely In A Science Fiction Universe for 12/7

This month, the io9 book club is reading How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe, by Charles Yu. What's this io9 book club, you ask?

For those unfamiliar with the io9 book club, here's how it works: You read the book. We create a special book club post on io9 when the meeting is in session (it starts Tuesday Dec. 7), and everybody talks about the book in comments for a few days. Later that week, we hope that Yu will join us, so you can ask him burning questions you have about the book.

You can see what we said about Yu's novel in our review. And remember, the book club will meet to discuss it on December 7.


Are you a book club maniac? If you want to get even more ahead with your reading, get set for a mega-read in January: We'll be tackling Connie Willis' Blackout and All Clear (her two-book novel). These alternate history novels are perfect for long plane rides and vacation time coming up this winter.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

If you are on the fence, jump in!

Half way through, this is a fun book. It's a quick read. I'm a slow reader, I've been really busy and i read half of it in a week. You could probably get through it in a day or two.

That's the problem, I'm a book club maniac, a slow reader and a Connie Willis fan. Please schedule January book club late in the month - 1200 pages is a lot to get through without any vacation planned!