Bong Joon-ho has seen the U.S. edit of Snowpiercer and he hates it

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Remember how everybody said Bong Joon-Ho's Snowpiercer was great? And remember how Harvey Weinstein wanted to re-edit it for stupid Americans? And then remember how Bong said Weinstein's cuts were light? Well, screw all that, because now the director is pissed about the U.S. version of Snowpiercer.


Bong Joon-Ho recently presented his original version of Snowpiercer at the Busan Film Festival, where he explicitly told the Americans, Australians and British in the audience that this would be their only chance to see the movie as he intended. From Variety:

[Bong] said that the final cut of the film in English-speaking territories lies with The Weinstein Company. “We are still in discussions about the cut, but it is clear that this is the only director’s cut you will be able to see,” Bong said.

Bong did not provide details of his differences with TWC and understatedly said from the stage that the version for English-language release would be “a little bit different,” but sources close to the director say that privately he is furious. He has been quoted in other media as saying that up to 20 minutes are to be cut.

That sounds much more like the edit-happy Harvey Weinstein we know. Also: crap.

[Via The Dissolve]


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Davos Swinney

The sad thing is, Harvey Weinstein is probably right. Most of us in the US are probably too stupid to get this movie. 99% of io9 readers are probably bright enough to appreciate the director's cut, but could you imagine John Q. Public going to see this without Bay-esque explosions and Megan Fox's titties all over it? It's the sad truth unfortunately.