Bones Proves That Liking Avatar Will Get You Laid

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Deciding trailers were simply not enough, Fox infused last night's episode of Bones with a hulking Avatar promotion. It showed fans of the forensic procedural not only that Avatar has amazing effects; liking the movie could also get you laid.


After the opening credits, Bones' King of Kong-inspired murder mystery was interrupted by three of its characters, Dr. Sweets, Dr. Hodgins, and morbid intern Colin Fisher, talking about seeing Avatar.

Of course, we know that the real reason that Mr. Fisher won these premiere tickets is because 1) Bones is a Fox property, and Fox wants to get Bones fans pumped to see Avatar, and 2) Joel Moore, who plays Colin Fisher, happens to be in Avatar. But the key thing to take away from this scene is that Fisher, science fiction fan extraordinaire, gets it on with a lot with lots of ladies.


And Sweets feels a bit of that Avatar love magic when he waits in line at the premiere (amidst tons of eager folks in blue makeup), in the form of a punky, flirtatious girl named Paine.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Go see Avatar with your significant other, or else they will flash some random stranger in line, then hook up with his skeezy friend.

But the trio does take some time out from their Avatar seductions to actually talk about the movie, having us watch an Avatar promo in the middle of their Avatar promo.

So there we have it. Avatar is pretty and will make you attractive to the opposite sex. And, lest we forget, Fox has kindly reminded us that the movie comes from the director of Titanic, just in case you care about that sort of thing more than hooking up with cute girls in line.

Illustration for article titled Bones Proves That Liking Avatar Will Get You Laid

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I'm about halfway through the episode at this point, and I'm seriously considering giving up on it. This would be the first episode of Bones I haven't actually watched in it's entirety. I know it's not the best television in the world, but it's usually pretty solidly entertaining. Fox, if you're driving away someone who actively counts themselves as a fan of the show you're putting a product placement in, you're doing this advertising thing wrong.