Bond Director To Make World War Z

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While you're out this weekend deciding whether or not you enjoy the new Bond flick Quantum of Solace, keep in mind that director Marc Forster has been tapped to helm the zombie epic World War Z. While Quantum reviews have been divided, everyone agrees that it's action packed, which is a good sign. And Forster, who also directed the quirky Stranger Than Fiction, says he wants to go old-school with Z.


The movie is based on Max Brooks' novel which is a fictional collection of accounts from survivors after the zombies infested the world and mass panic took over.

Forster told Variety:

"The genre always fascinated me, and when they pitched it to me, it reminded me of the paranoid conspiracy films of the '70s like All the President's Men."


The action packed underwater walking zombie extravaganza is being produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B production company. J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling) is penning the screenplay, which is still not finished.

The art is from John Petersen and you can check a lot more of his amazing work at his site.


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Why why why isn't this an 8-part HBO mini-series?

I would kill to have this be presented in the Band of Brothers style. The book is so dense with fascinating stories and I can't fathom getting all of the detail from the book in to one 2 hour movie.