The Bond 50 23-film box set is back down to $110 today. Not an all time low, but enough to put you on an all time high. [Bond 50]

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Here are some great PC preorder discounts:

Just the other day we wrote about charging your 3DS over USB with cheap cables. Here's an even cheaper one for under $2.

Tonight at 3am ET there will be 1000 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Limited Editions available for preorder. I'm sure we don't need to tell you to they won't be there long.

The standard edition is also available for preorder.

Four HDMI cables, three velcro ties, and a right angle adapter for $9. Don't think, just buy. [Twisted Veins HDMI Pack, $9]

This Polk Bluetooth sound bar is designed to work in harmony with your Xbox, but it's a solid all-around performer for all of your home theater needs. Woot has it today for $65 less than Amazon. [Polk N1 39" Bluetooth SurroundBar, $145]

This antenna probably won't match the performance of a Mohu Leaf, but if you live near your broadcast towers, it's tough to ignore the $7 price tag. [Homeworx Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna, $7]

Speaking of the Mohu Leaf, you can get a refurb of the amplified version right now for $45. [Refurb Mohu Leaf 50, $45]

Anyone who's tried to exercise in earbuds knows that not just any pair will do. They need to be durable, sweatproof, and above all, fit well. These SOL REPUBLIC Relays check all the boxes, and are marked down to their lowest price ever right now.

In addition to solid customer reviews, these earbuds picked up a Wirecutter recommendationfor best exercise headphones, so you can buy with confidence. Their price has historically varied by color, but today they're all down to $60, which is an all-time low. The black model is already backordered, so don't waste any time ordering. [Amazon]


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