Director Uwe Boll may have been the willing butt of many jokes - as is befitting the man who brought the world Seed, Postal and the upcoming Zombie Massacre - but if there's one thing he's not ready to put up with, it's being ripped off by Billy Zane. That's why he's taking the former Charmed and Pochahontas II star to court in a lawsuit that may be more entertaining than their entire output of the last five years combined.

The problem, according to the April 30th filing, is that Zane has been withholding profits from Boll's 2005 movie Bloodrayne via his relationship with distribution company Romar Entertainment. It was at Zane's recommendation that Boll released the movie - which only grossed $4,000,000 worldwide after costing $25,000,000 to make - through Romar, and according to Boll, Zane pocketed $900,000 for the suggestion. Boll also claims that an initial promise of the movie appearing in 2000 US theaters proved to be false, as the movie only bowed on 950 unfortunate screens nationwide.


Boll is suing for "at least" $700,000 in missing revenue for the movie. In response, Zane is said to be considering a countersuit for his reputation back after appearing in the movie.

Okay, maybe not that last part.

Uwe Boll sues Billy Zane [Hollywood Reporter]

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