What happens when above-average nerditry meets traditional PR-speak? Possibly something like Toyota's promotional Open Road Blog's report on psychiatrist and Star Trek fan Willie Yee's decorating his Prius as if it was a shuttle straight off the starship Enterprise. The result is an unholy mixture of geeking out and selling out.


You have to hand it to the Open Source Bloggers for trying so hard to slip in their advertising so subtly:

Cruising at warp speed though the space-time continuum might not be the Prius's main claim to fame, but obtaining enviable fuel economy from a drive system almost as advanced as one that uses dilithium crystals is one of the car's hallmarks... Says Yee, "When you get into a Prius, with all the electronic stuff, it seems like a space ship. I'm a Star Trek fan; I just felt like doing [dressing the car up as a Federation shuttle]. When I decided to get the Prius, I said, 'you know, I'm old enough I don't care what anyone thinks."

That's right! Getting a Prius is rebelling! Especially when you pretend it's a spaceship! But, if any of you out there are reading this and thinking "I'm gonna go and buy a Prius and turn it into the Millennium Falcon," the Blog has a message for you:

Our friends in the Toyota Legal Department have asked us to remind you of this: "Before you attempt any modification to your vehicle, always check to be sure that your planned modifications will not void the manufacturer's warranty, negatively impact performance and safety or make your vehicle no longer street-legal."


Damn legal department spoiling everyone's fun.

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