BoJack Horseman, a silver fox.
BoJack Horseman, a silver fox.
Image: Netflix
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We’ve watched BoJack Horseman go through all the ups and downs that came with being a once-beloved celebrity whose personal demons dragged him into the depths of depression and addiction. But now, after six seasons, it looks like BoJack’s finally ready to take control of his life—just as his Netflix series is coming to an end.

In the series’ final trailer, a much grayer BoJack looks back on the whole of his life, and even though many of his memories are from the darkest moments in his past, he’s a much more well-adjusted person in the present and able to understand that he isn’t wholly defined by the mistakes he’s made.


BoJack’s got a new gig teaching, and he’s not the only person who’s been going through changes. Everyone around BoJack’s shifting into new phases of their lives, and while they might not all be certain about where they’re going, they’re all moving forward, which is a wondrous development in and of itself.

The second half of BoJack Horseman’s sixth and final season begins airing on January 31.

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