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This week on Saturday Morning Cartoons, we take a look at the new story arc on Clone Wars and the one-hundredth episode of Robot Chicken. Plus, we welcome Archer and Marvel Anime: Blade to the fold. Minor spoilers ahead!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Deception"

In the first episode of a new four-part story arc, Obi-Wan fakes his death in order to go undercover as a prisoner and expose a Separatist plot to kill Chancellor Palpatine. The first clip from this episode gives a glimpse of Obi-Wan's funeral, along with his killer gloating to a packed cantina about his kill.

Obi-Wan gets his head shaved and some facial tattoos added along with a bit of reconstructive surgery (I smell an action figure in the works...) before going undercover. The second clip shows Obi-Wan, undercover as his killer, in a classic prison dining scene with a Star Wars bend.

A young Boba Fett (lacking his trademark helmet) picks a fight with Kenobi over a bounty, with the Trandoshan Bossk coming to Boba's aid in the third clip. This sparks a prison riot, allowing Obi-Wan and his cellmates (including Cad Bane!) a chance to escape.


Robot Chicken – "Fight Club Paradise"

The last episode of Robot Chicken season 5 (and the series 100th episode) features a "manlier" version of Sex and the City. Apparently, if you toss guns in a movie it increases said movies' appeal to a male audience. Come to think about it, The Notebook 2 could use a mafia shootout.

The second clip shows off the gem of this episode - Yogi Bear fights the Power Park Rangers in an attempt to revitalize the Yogi Bear franchise. Definitely one of the cooler clips from the season, mashing up two franchises to make a bizarre cartoon baby.

Generator Rex – "Black and White "

Rex and Agent Six enter New Providence on the White Knights' orders, quickly meeting up with Provident Agents and Captain Calan, who is secretly on Rex's side. Providence is trying to restart the Nanite Project by repairing Gabriel's equipment, and White Knight wants them stopped.

Calan helps with a diversion, allowing Rex, Six, and Holiday to split up and sabotage New Providence, with Rex finding out that Caesar is working for New Providence.


Marvel Anime: Blade – "His Name is Blade"

An organization of vampires runs rampant across Asia, and Blade steps in to take them out. The first clip of this twelve episode mini-series recaps the origins of Blade, first introduced by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan in 1972's Tomb of Dracula #10. Blade is older than Wolverine in comic book years.

The second clip is a club scene reminiscent of the Blade live-action movies. the vampire slayer Makato confronts the owner of Club Feed (who might be a werewolf...), before jumping into the club and killing some creatures of the night.


Archer - "The Man From Jupiter"

This episode is the official kickoff of season 3, and it's a pretty darn tootin' good one. Assassins are after Archer, but he doesn't care too much - Burt Reynolds is in town. The first clip shows Sterling Archer gushing over the filmography of Burt Reynolds (Who doesn't love Smokey and the Bandit), only to find out Mr. Reynolds is present for one thing and one thing only - to take Sterling's mom, Malory on a date.

Mr. Reynolds finds himself tied and interrogated in the second clip, with Archer trying to dissuade Burt from dating his mom, while Mr. Reynolds tries to sway Archer with offers of a screenwriting and executive producer credit on a sequel to Gator. Burt Reynolds can date my mom, I wouldn't complain.


Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. Blade airs Friday nights on G4TV. Generator Rex and Star Wars: The Clone Wars air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Archer airs Thursday nights on FX.


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