Would you want a phone's Bluetooth in your glove instead of your ear?

Did you ever watch Inspector Gadget and wish you could talk on your phone simply by sticking out your thumb and pinky finger? Designer Sean Miles of Designworks suggests that gloves are the perfect place to keep your phone's wireless microphone and receiver.

Miles talks to the BBC's Dougal Shaw in the video above about his Bluetooth gloves. It's a fairly simple design, integrating a Bluetooth-connected microphone and receiver with a work glove, but Miles makes a nice argument for gloves as a convenient medium for interfacing with your phone. If the technology could be made sufficiently non-bulky, perhaps we could return to gloves in daily life. It would certainly be more attractive than many of the Bluetooth earpieces, and you'd get to hold the microphone close to your mouth.

Geekosystem noted the similarity between the glove phone and the cartoon secret agent.


Edit: DarthClem3 points out there has been a similar product on ThinkGeek for a while now. Anyone given them a try?

Hands-tied kit: Designer tests bluetooth glove phone [BBC News via Geekosystem]

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When was this from? I'm pretty sure I saw bluetooth phone gloves available on ThinkGeek or somewhere a few months ago.