Illustration for article titled Blue Vampires With Guns Rejoice, emUnderworld/em Is Getting A Total Reboot

The Underworld movie franchise is getting a reboot. Because vampires doing flips in leather catsuits sell movie tickets, dammit.


THR is reporting that Lakeshore Entertainment is going to reboot the entire Underworld vampire franchise. Probably because they've run out of stories for Kate Beckinsale to roundhouse through while shooting silver bullets in a blue filter. Alas.

The films shall start all over under the pen of Cory Goodman, who wrote the 2011 movie Priest, which felt a lot like an Underworld movie in the amount of action to storyline ratio. No doubt the reboot is an attempt to make money off the Underworld name, but I'm curious if people will want anyone but Beckinsale to take on the role of vampire Selene, as she was pretty bad ass. We shall see.

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