Blinged Out Future Airplane Only Needs A Hot Tub

The airplane of the future may be open-air, so you can actually feel the jetstream on your face. Think prom limo, with champagne and a sun roof, except it flies. The next-generation aircraft, from designers Andree Putman and Jaime Hayon, is a white gold mosaic hangar plane with a glass cabin, leather wings, and colored missiles with hearts on them, called Jet Set.


Hayon, a Spanish designer best known for his flamboyant furniture and funny little ceramic teddy bears, created this prototype for Milan Design Week. The top may look sort of like a toilet bowl, but it's really the lap of luxury. And presumably the plane flies low enough, and slow enough, that you won't actually suffocate up there. Says Hayon:

The installation's spectacular atmosphere, created by the use of reflectors, is reminiscent of a scene from an old Hollywood movie. At the heart of the aircraft is a circular lounge. I can imagine this thing flying, with a couple of lovers on board sipping champagne, the atmosphere charged with positive energy and emotions during their flight. Jet Set is a sitting room cum aeroplane.


Hayon Studio main page via Dezeen

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