Blimey! First images from Cockneys Vs. Zombies movie raise our hopes

Before you roll your eyes at yet another uninspired "versus" film, we beg you to reconsider. Cockneys Vs. Zombies might actually be good! There's a bit of talent behind it including a Doctor Who scribe and actor Harry Treadaway.

The premise is as simple as the title: "A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie-infested London." But there's more to this movie than your usual splatterfest. James Moran, who penned the Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii" and co-wrote "Day Three" of the Torchwood: Children of Earth special with Russell T Davies, is working on the script along with Lucas Roche. Good, good. We like to see excellent writers get a little batshit crazy and write ridiculous films like this.


The production was spotted this week shooting lead actress Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman) in the UK thanks to the Daily Mail. Also cast in this film is Harry Treadaway, who was delightful in City of Ember and scary Alan Ford (Snatch). Win, win, win.

The cast, crew and these set pics are all starting to stack the deck in Cockneys Vs. Zombie's favor.

The zombie extras have also been tweeting up a storm from the set. Here's a special YouTube vid put together by one lucky undead extra which should give you an even better look at CVZ's brand of undead.


Quiet Earth released this very long synopsis in 2008, so we assume some changes have been made, but it still sounds fun. UPDATE: Now replaced with the new synopsis:

Cockneys vs. Zombies is a ZOM-COM starring a host of Britain's finest acting talent; including Honor Blackman (Goldfinger, ‘The Avengers', Bridget Jones's Diary), Rasmus Hardiker (Starter for 10, I Want Candy, ‘Saxondale'), Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank, Control), Michelle Ryan (, ‘Bionic Woman'), Ashley ‘Bashy' Thomas (, Shank), Jack Doolan (Cemetery Junction, ‘The Green Green Grass') and Alan Ford (Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). Cockneys vs. Zombies is written by James Moran ('Torchwood', Severance) and directed by Partizan's Matthias Hoene.

When you're robbing a bank, a Zombie invasion makes things a lot harder. And let's face it, Katy (Michelle Ryan), Andy (Harry Treadaway) and Terry (Rasmus Hardiker) need all the help they can get when their bank robbing experts turn out to be Mental Mickey (Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas) and Davey Tuppence (Jack Doolan). Just as contractors at an East London building site unlock a 350 year old vault full of seriously hungry Zombies, the East End has suddenly gone to Hell.

Equipped with all the guns and ammo they can carry, it's up to the gang to save the hostages, their grandparents and East London from Zombie-Armageddon. When it's the undead vs. the living... it's Cockneys vs. Zombies.


We know it's a B-flick at best, but we've sat through enough Skylines last year. All we ask is for just one "silly" film that's executed well. And with actors like Alan Ford and a Doctor Who writer, we're starting to get our hopes up for a tight little action number.

Top image via Director Matthias Hoene's twitter. It's a zombie make-up test. Set pictures via Flynet, for more images head over to the Daily Mail.


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