Proving that everyone has a price, classic movie producer Roger Corman made the world's most erroneous statement at the Comic-Con panel for the remake, Death Race. Corman got on stage and said, "Proud as I am of Death Race 2000, Death Race is a bigger and better picture." The crowd was silent...and then there were murmurs of disbelief. But that's not the only piece of total B.S. we heard at the Death Race panel. Click through for descriptions of clips, and details on director Paul W. S. Anderson avoiding the most important question of the evening.

Someone asked Anderson the question: Why are there no points for mowing down pedestrians in your car, like in the original? I'm paraphrasing here, because I was still in shock from hearing what Corman had said. But Death Race director Anderson completely side-stepped the question, by saying in this movie they will be explaining how the race became a prison thing. If there's a sequel, they'll explain about the points.


Seriously, you know you didn't include the best part of the original because you were a baby. A little baby wuss. Your movie takes place in a corrupt future, where prisoners drive in a televised race to win their freedom, and you're telling me no extra points for a fatality?

Another audience member even gave Corman an out for his previous statement, asking since there were so many remade movies if Corman could think of any movie that shouldn't be reworked. Corman said originally he thought Death Race 2000 shouldn't be remade, but Anderson did such a great job he convinced Thom otherwise.

Then we saw a clip where Jason Statham beats the hell out of this guy who apparently murdered Statham's family. Oh, and when the cars drive over little sword circles the car gains weapons, and if they drive over shield circles the cars gain armor. So at least it'll be easy to adapt into a video game. Either way, the disrespect paid to the original movie, even with the original writers receiving a writing credit, is downright awful.

Update: We originally misidentified Corman as the late writer of Death Race 2000, Robert Thom. We regret any confusion we may have caused.


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